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Contributions & Experiences

“If you wisely invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life.”

- Frank Lloyd Wright | Architect


A Soft Start

First Time Clients Only. Pre-booking Required.

1,000 | 1 hour

   Solid Sequel 

Same Week Minimum for Repeat Clients Only

90 minutes

The Perfect Intro

 Best for Beginners. Same Week Minimum

1,400 | hours

Rare Retreat

Truly Relaxing. 

2,100 | hours

True Tryst

 Bonding Moment 

2,400 | 4 hours

Calm Connection

Magical Solace

2,700 | 5 hours

Day of Delight

 Extra Sweet

3,000 | hours

Extended Elation

Light a Spark

3,300 | 7 hours 

Lengthy Liaison

Dive in Deeper

3,600 | 8 hours 

Dinner + Mini Overnight | YMMV


12 hours. Let’s get to know each other organically! We can roleplay like we met off Tinder, then go home together. A real dinner date (w/ dessert guaranteed). I choose the restaurant.

Sweet Sleepover | YMMV


16 hours. Perfect for a first-time meeting! (Fly-Me-to-You & Drive-Me-to-You especially). Let’s take our time without high expectations or special customizations.

Completely Chill Day | YMMV


24 hours. Let’s hangout for a day and get acquainted before ending the night together.

Blissful Escape | YMMV


48 hours. Relaxing getaway where we can enjoy casual activities and simply spend time together. Whether we choose to chill at a hotel or, have a movie marathon at home, our time will be laid-back and easygoing.

Exciting Escapade | YMMV


72 hours. Adventure filled with spontaneous plans and lighthearted laughs. Let’s enjoy each other without a strict agenda. Perfect for those who love to go with the flow.

Weeklong Wonder | YMMV


A full week of simple, relaxed vibes. We can try activities or just lounge around. Our time together will be comfortable and effortless, allowing us to truly unwind. No pressure from either party.

Deep Date | YMMV


A laid-back 10-day escape where we can take it easy and enjoy each day as it comes. No plans, just real fun. From sightseeing to lazy afternoons, our days will be filled with natural connection.

Tailored VIP Experiences

    Select Sequel 

60 minutes 

For Repeat Clients Only

A Select Introduction



Best option for exclusive first-time meetings.

Real Rarity



Tailored Tryst

4 hours 


Cultivated Connection

5 hours 


Dreamy Delight



Exquisite Elation

7 hours 


Luxury Liaison

8 hours 


Tailored Mini Overnight

An Electric Evening


12 hours or so. An unclocked moonlit rendezvous. Condensed version of my ‘Overnight Odyssey’.  

Overnight Odyssey 


16 hours or so. An enchanting evening escape. As nightfalls, expect exploration, cuddling, and connection, lasting well into the morning. Ideal for the hedonistic type. Time can be shared in public, private, or a mix of both.

Eternal Escape 


24 hours or so. Uninterrupted bliss from dawn to dusk, then back again. When the sun rises, maybe we’ll share more than just breakfast in bed.

Pure Paradise


48 hours or so. Indulge in a luxurious retreat designed for ultimate relaxation and connection. From lavish dinners to exclusive experiences, every moment will be meticulously crafted for our pleasure. Perfect for celebrating special occasions or simply treating ourselves.

Thrilling Tierce 


72 hours or so. Immerse yourself in a journey of elegance and excitement. We’ll experience the finest dining, exclusive activities, and intimate moments. This extended adventure is ideal for those seeking a blend of thrill and sophistication.

Seventh Heaven 


A week-long escape into a world of luxury and delight. Each day will be tailored to your desires, from exquisite dining and pampering spa days to private excursions and serene moments. Our week together will be an unforgettable experience of opulence and connection.

Ten Trillion Ways


A 10-day odyssey of unparalleled luxury and adventure. Whether exploring exotic destinations or indulging in the finest comforts, our time will be a perfect blend of excitement and relaxation. This journey promises to create memories that last a lifetime.

Exclusive Packages

Semi Selective Dating

Partially Exclusive. Established Clients Only.


Platinum Select Elite Dating

The Pinnacle of Exclusivity. Established Clients Only.

 Fit for royalty. The purest side of me. I will be exclusively yours. 

*Compatibility required. Extensive requirements must be met.*


About My Experiences

My standard meetings are safely all inclusive (YMMV/NSA). Ask if you qualify for my ‘Tailored VIP’ experience — a unique term I proudly coined. If you desire the pinnacle of exclusivity, apply for my ‘Platinum Select Elite’ package after we meet. The possibilities are endless when you’re in safe hands. 

Still unsure about the difference between ‘Tailored VIP’ & Standard (YMMV/NSA)?  Book my no-strings-attached style date; we’ll have an amazing time + you can apply to upgrade once we meet. ‘Tailored VIP’ is an exclusive opportunity, only for select applicants.

Remember that only our time together is compensated. Specific acts are NEVER contracted or provided for compensation. 

Extra Add-Ons

Strictly Social


4 extra hours of social time. An easy option for those that desire to get to know my personality before we get closer. Contact me for help with location ideas. 

Tailored GF Triage


Texting, 3 exclusive photos, & 3 spicy phone calls. Build a virtual bond before meeting

Video Verification 


~ 15 minutes. For extra security or to chat, I offer a *complimentary* FaceTime/Zoom/Whatsapp verification following a deposit or standalone for a tip. Verification is not the same as my screening.  

Mountain Treks

Bliss in Breck

(Breckenridge + nearby towns)


Whether you’re local or visiting, a couple hours of companionship is guaranteed to add value to your schedule.

Vixen in the Valley

(Vail + nearby towns)


Create unforgettable moments, both on and off the slopes. Blended excitement in a beautiful alpine paradise. 

Après in Ajax

(Aspen + nearby towns)


Perhaps we’ll begin our date with a lazy afternoon cuddling by the fireplace, sipping wine and admiring the natural surroundings through large windows. As evening falls, we can enjoy a lively night out on the town together, or unwind privately, in the hot tub under a blanket of stars.

Sweeten the Honeypot

As a woman who only dates within companionship, I love building connection. Whether you prefer exclusive arrangements or customized date packages, I’m open to discussing options if we click.  Ask after we meet.

“Your place or mine?”

I travel to upscale neighborhoods, resorts, and hotels for no additional cost. My luxury hosting space, available for a small additional fee, is not a hotel or shared with any other companions. It features contactless entry and is safe and discreet.