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An Excellent Choice


Aristotle once said, “Excellence is never an accidentᅳit represents the wise choice of many alternatives…” In a world full of choices, you may wonder: What sets me apart? What about me says 'excellence'?   

For starters, physically, my excellence is evident. I'm told my real-life appearance exceeds my photos. When I meet someone new, I often hear a sigh of relief. “Better in person” is a phrase that usually comes next. Though my pictures are real, my beauty is better off camera. 

My natural lips, bright eyes and fair skin are a few of my most complimented features. Kissable lips serve as your plush invitation. Feelings of desire blend with comfort. A sparkling smile sparks the beginning of our warm exchange. Friendly moments of laughter and light banter fill the room shortly after. 

My little bag of wonders. Just tools of connection. Playfully prepared I am. We know what happens next. Soon, a shared, knowing glance sparks the fireworks. Your fingertips trace each delicate surface of my body. Hints of the pleasure surround us. Reminders of passion lying on the horizon.

 My soft-spoken voice is more than a qualityᅳit's a reflection of my emotional intelligence. Whispers of promises. Fulfilled by intimacy. My deep love for authentic social interaction guides me. In this introduction, my spirit will be proven to mirror more than just my personalityᅳit's reflected in the beauty of the world around me.  Continue reading; explore the interplay of intellect and allure.

Art of Beauty

My body is a canvas of natural curves and vivid colors. Each feature is a brushstroke of nature. My eyes, a whirlwind of blue and green, easily captivate. My pink lips tempt even the most timid.  Just as my appearance is a testament to excellence, my mind reflects beliefs held since antiquity. Throughout history, it has been said that beauty isn't just skin deep. The ancient Greeks believed a beautiful body was reflective of a beautiful mind (“kaloskagathos”). I reference this to say, once you speak to me, you’ll hear that my beauty reflects my mind. 

My natural ‘girl-next-door’ body and equally as flexible wardrobe transforms me from casual and discreet to stylish and seductive.   No matter what I wear, a feminine aura follows me, much like my favorite floral scent. More importantly, it shines through in how I treat others.

Beyond the superficial, my physique tells the story of my mind.  I can be your 'safe place'. You'll feel comforted by my careful energy; I am adventurous, flexible and kind. My curiosity and sense of humor shows my dual spirit. With me, your journey in the world of companionship can exceed dreams. Enter into my judgment-free, serene sanctuary. Rest assured, It's safe to share your feelings, passions, and inner thoughts with me. I'm a good listener by nature.

Open up to me. Laugh freely.

Explore. Play.

Vent. Cry.

Be open. Be you.

I'm here for both your soft and celebratory moments. Melt into my world. Nurture transcends the physical. 

When we're together, you'll feel reminded of your past; I bring out the fun in others. Do you remember the “choose your own adventure” book series? Much like the forgotten books, even as adults, we have choices:  Every adventure is a new dimension of our connection. 

Which one will you choose? Shopping? Nightlife? Theatre? Travel?  

 Maybe we'll decide to explore at home. Allow sensuality to bloom naturally. 

Hold me fireside while you caress my soft legs. Allow your worries to fade into the steam of a shared shower. Or a large soaking tub can become an oasis.  Taking our time adds extra warmth to the flame of our connection.   After laying eyes on me, it may feel hard for you to take your time. But beyond the features that adorn my body, you'll find yourself drawn to my mind. Many are shocked by how understanding I am. You may never want our conversation to end. 

 This idea leads me to another Greek philosopher, Epictetus. He once said, “If your choices are beautiful, so too will you be…” By choosing to meet with those that align with me, I personify this vision.   Both somber and positive emotions are welcomed here, always. Many say I have therapeutic qualities. I love hearing you open up; your thoughts will never weigh me down. Uniquely, I find inspiration when others bounce ideas off of me.

Shared Inspirations

While the harmony of the body and mind reflect my beauty and mentality, knowledge I gain from the arts and nature allow me to flourish.   From biking the golden mountain peaks of Aspen to exploring the rolling green trails of Boulder, excellence is everywhere around me. Peace and strength can be found hidden within the mountains. There's wonder in each of nature's little secrets.

If you were a “fly on the wall,” you might catch me a glimpse of me in the forest: hiking, on horseback, or wandering through wildflowers, like the nymph I am. Other times, I can be found traveling, studying for class, exercising, or simply curled up with a good read.   

My life shapes my positivity.   

The familiar smell of books.   

The warm days of summer. 

  The sight of dawn.   

The sound of rain.   

The soft touch   

of my skin on yours.   

Every single thing holds value.

  Spending time with others relaxes me.

I truly enjoy what I do. With me, you won't wonder if the attraction is mutual. You'll feel it.  

You won't have to guess where my 'head is at'.  

You'll know that I'm fully present.  

Candlelight dinners. Massages. Adventures.  

No matter what we do, our time together will linger.  

You'll smile while looking back long after we part ways…  

Our passion remains painted in your mind.  

You'll feel euphoric when thinking of me.  

Thoughts hold mutual desire.   

Create with Me (A Conclusion)

I turn moments into memories through my art.  As Agathon poetically said, “…art loves chance and chance loves art.” Like a magnet, my optimism attracts like-minded people. Those I mesh well with compliment my calming presence and charm. My inner joy and natural ability to connect make me a true friend to many.                      

Art of Connection (Poem)

Will you share your way of art with me?

Do you place quality over quantity? 

Do you value mutual respect?

You know what to do next.

It’s now or never,

Not forever.

Like ephemeral art, 

Serendipity is in the heart. 

And time is fleeting so, indulge in your aspiration.

Sensuality is in creation; flaws only enhance sensations.


© Copyright 2024 ‘An Excellent Choice’ by Grace Gramercy