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Writing & Other Hobbies

Ways I Relax: 

ᅳ Lounging: Surrounded by books. My nose is usually found in the works of Hemingway, Woolf, or Morrison. On my artistic days, I can be found jotting down poetry, ideas and all of my feelings. 

ᅳ Films: Watching documentaries or psychological thrillers (Have you seen 'Take Care of Maya'? I love a goood Netflix and chill date, topped off with a deep talk.) 

ᅳ Music: All genres. Miles Davis takes me back to a timeline of chivalry and class. Arctic Monkeys frees my spirit. Avicii reminds me of clubbing in Europe. Johnny Cash connects me with my family's down-home roots. Def Leppard takes back to childhood - I grew up in a family full of rockers. Wu-Tang speaks to the grunge of my teenage years. Springsteen makes my heart beat like I'm in college again. 

— Horology: As my wrist will show, I appreciate a great timepiece. Moreover, I love learning about the meticulous detail and effort that goes into making a great watch. It took me a long time to commit to the watch a lover gifted to me; this makes cherishing it easy.

ᅳ Nature: Exploring new hiking trails (on foot or horseback) and lakeshores.The scent of pine fills the air. Waves bring solace. If you have a boat, you're already my favorite person ;) Let's sail away together. 

Long After Parting Ways (A Prose Poem) 

Whispers of promises. Fulfilled by affection. Love for authentic social interaction guides me. My spirit mirrors more than just my personalityᅳit's a reflection of the beauty in the world around me. Let’s explore the interplay of intellect and allure. My body. A canvas of natural curves and vivid colors. Each feature a brushstroke of nature. My eyes. Swirling of blue and green captivate even the most timid. Pink natural lips that tempt. My mind. Carved by beliefs held since antiquity. The ancient Greeks say a beautiful body reflects a beautiful mind (“kaloskagathos”). Speak to me. Hear how my beauty reflects my mind. A feminine aura follows me, like my favorite floral scent. It shines through in how I treat others. You found your 'safe place'. You’ll feel comforted by my careful energy. Adventurous, flexible and kind. My curiosity and sense of humor shows dual spirit. With me, companionship can exceed dreams. Enter into my judgment-free sanctuary. Feel serenely. Share your feelings, passions, and inner thoughts with me. You’re safe. I’ll listen. Open up to me. Laugh freely. Explore. Play. Vent. Cry. Be open. Be you. Soft or celebratory. Melt into my world. Nurture transcends the physical.

Together. Reminders of the past. The fun you’ve forgotten. Remember the “choose your own adventure” series? You remember. Still. We choose: Shopping. Nightlife. Theatre. Travel. Comfy at home. Hidden. Sensuality blooms. Always. Relaxing together fireside. Your fingers caress me. You feel my soft legs. Chills run up my spine. Worries fade into the steam. Maybe we share a shower. Perhaps a large soaking tub. Both can become an oasis. We take our time. Adding warmth to the flame. Real connection. You lay your eyes on me. It feels hard to take your time…You persist. Feeling electric. Beauty adorns each inch of my body. But we know that’s not what makes me rare. You are drawn to my mind. My understandable nature. Our endless conversations. Therapeutic qualities, others say. Open up; let thoughts come free. Ideas inspire me. I relax in your company. Joy comes naturally. Attraction. Mutual. You feel it. Candlelight. Massage. Adventure. Time lingers. You smile while looking back long after we part ways…