Meet With Grace

Meet With Grace

Introduction to Grace

Quoting Epictetus, 'We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. ' Allow me to whisk your worries away while you divulge in distractions, or vent to relieve some tension. An outside perspective or “listening ear” can create a positive “domino effect” in your life. This is why many of my clients choose to embrace the idea that companionship can create a positive, long lasting impact. Once you receive outside reinforcement, you’ll feel liberated to apply the same energy to your current situation. What sets me apart? My approachable and conversational nature. I thrive on verbal exchanges that delve into the depths of the mind and heart. I embrace individuals of varied experiences – from seasoned lovers to newcomers, couples, first-timers, and all whom captivate my curiosity. Whether we meet in public or private rendezvous, my warmth is bound to leave you with a lasting smile even after our paths diverge.

From first glimpse, my organically plump lips, brilliant blue eyes and lustrous complexion will captivate your senses. My naturally disarming demeanor is ensured to erase any anxieties you may have upon seeing me. I look just as stunning as my pictures whether I’m in a sultry dress at a elegant restaurant, lingerie at a upscale hotel, or casual loungewear at your home.

Rest assured, you’ll find I’m just as attentive and gentle as I am appealing to the eye. Although I appreciate each and every inquiry, I only choose to see those whom I will mesh well with. Building upon authentic attraction allows me to provide a serene atmosphere and fully immerse myself in the experience. My personality is multifaceted, and can range from “elegantly refined” to “enthusiastically playful”.

Whether I’m spending the weekend practicing my golfing in Aspen, skiing in Vail, hiking in Breckenridge, or relaxing by a fire in Steamboat Springs, I truly enjoy myself in every setting. The opportunities I receive as a +1 to public outings and events ignite an extra level of energy within me.

Being arm candy is exhilarating, but I find the most joy in providing a listening ear, and moment of respite for my discerning clientele. Extended dates are my forte, as they allow us to establish a genuine connection. Well-rounded, open minded individuals that prefer authentic connections truly attract me above any physical feature. Each day I take time to appreciate nature and it’s wonders. I lead an enriched life full of joy, and spread that to every person I meet.

During my leisure time, I welcome special requests and engage in various activities such as dinner dates, sensual massages, luxury THC/cannabis treatments, and much more. Each meeting can be tailored to your desires, with mutual safety and compatibility remaining paramount. I am sure our time together will be stimulating, satisfying, and salacious for both of us. I may just be stuck in your mind long after I’m gone, don’t say I didn’t caution you ;)

Maintaining a limited client base is important to the flow of my life. I usually see between 2-6 clients each month, max. Majority of my clients are regulars. Although I could choose to meet more amazing people, I enjoy my current low volume. I only accept 1 appointment max a day, if at all; I solely see those I will mesh well with. I prioritize thoughtful introductions.



A Glimpse of Grace

Rest assured that I am just as intuitive as I am beautiful. Whether we savor an erudite discussion or a light-hearted laugh, I am guaranteed to alleviate your tension.  My natural geniality is sure to leave you smiling long after we meet!  

Each morning, I look forward to the bright day ahead; I love all that I do. I hope to share my passions with you and enlighten your day.

 I value quality over quantity, and I believe that our time together should be nothing short of extraordinary.

 I guarantee that our time together will be both intellectually stimulating and emotionally rewarding.

 In addition to traveling, I have a zeal for the arts, vintage wine & embarking on fun experiences! 

Travel requests and dinner dates are my forte; I relish a cozy night in cuddling just as equally. 

Being as I am passport ready and reliant: I am regarded as being an ideal companion for an array of public outings and travel. 

If your goal is to create an authentic connection, look no further. I am here to translate your dreams into reality and create memories that will last a lifetime. Let's embark on a journey together and create something truly indelible.


Upon first glance, my naturally plump lips, sparkling clear blue/green eyes and lush fair complexion are guaranteed to keep you enthralled! 

Upon first touch, my lustrous smooth skin and beautifully crafted curves will enchant you.

Despite being blessed naturally, I take the upmost pride in my appearance and strive to regularly find fresh ways to improve.

Demeanor: Gentle, Relaxed, Free-Spirited yet Sensible, & Ever-Evolving. 

Age: Early 20s (21-23)

Body Type: Fit. Perfectly Curvy Where It Counts.

Skin Tone: Naturally Porcelain. Light & Natural Spray Tan in the Summer  

Scent: Angelic & Sweet with a Hint of Baccarat

Status: Single & Independent

Enhancements: No Surgeries or Fillers 

Most Valued Morals: Empathy, Education, Integrity, Family, Gratitude & Honesty 

Height: 5 foot 5 inches

Measurements: 30D-27-38

Dress Size: 6

Top: S

Bottom/Panties: M

Shoe: 6.5/37

Ethnicity: All-American, European Mix

Hobbies: Traveling, Hiking, Reading, Baking, Cooking, Journaling, Art, Horseback Riding (beginner), Yoga, & of course, Learning. 

Language: English. Learning Dutch

All-Time Favorite Poet: Dr. Maya Angelou 

Current Favorite Author: Matt Ridley

Most Admired Philosopher: Aristotle 

Most Beloved Artist: Monet 

Music: Some assume I’m being a people pleaser when I say I enjoy *all* music.On the contrary, I truly appreciate all genres. Music has always been a form of artistic expression in my eyes!

My Daily Makeup Preference: Light/Medium (unless otherwise specified)

I don’t spend much time getting ready unless we are going on a public outing, you request a certain look, or I have plans prior to/proceeding our meeting. 

My lashes are naturally long (one of my most complimented features); I like to wear something extra on top occasionally.

My Hair: Perfectly Platinum Blonde & down to my waist

My Daily Dress Code: Best described as Preppy/Girly/Sporty. Lots of bright colors, white/black, pink, dresses and casual wear. 

Typical Dress Code for Outcall: Modest or Casual:
• Blouse with Jeans 
• Lululemon Legging Set
• Casual Top with a Tennis Skirt. 

Usual Dress Code for Public Outings: 
• A Sultry, Elegant Dress
• Blouse with Skirt
• Shorts with Casual Blouse
• Bodysuit with Jeans/Slacks

Most days I like to keep my tattoos covered as to maintain discretion.

Investment in Grace

Private Meetings

Fleeting Fervor - Short and Sweet

1.5 hour … 1000

The Perfect Intro - Beginner Friendly

2 hour ... 1,200

Extended Elation 

3 hour … 2,000

True Tryst

4 hour … 2,400

The Tailored VIP Experience - Exclusive Customizable Options

2 hour ... 2,000

Extended Elation - Exclusive 

Customizable Options

3 hour ... 2,400

True Tryst - Exclusive 

Customizable Options
4 hour ... 2,800

Meaningful Moment - Exclusive

Customizable Options
5 hour ... 3,200

Day of Decadence - Exclusive

Customizable Options
6 hour ... 3,600

Clock-Free, Private Arrangements

Dinner + Mini Overnight ... 4,000

A Condensed Version of My Full Overnight Experience. Perfect for Tight Schedules. 

Overnight Rendezvous ... 5,000

A Full Night of Exploration, Refreshments, + Surprises.

Dinner, Overnight + Brunch ... 6,000

A Full Night of Exploration, Refreshments, + Surprises; Coupled with a Bonus Brunch Date

Two-Day Getaway ... 8,000

3-Day Blissful Escape ... 12,000

5 Days of Fervor ... 16,000

A Week of Grace ... 20,000

10 Days Abroad ... 24,000

Extended Social Dates + Public Outings

Summer is back! Let’s have fun in the sun. If you’d like any suggestions for public outings or local resort/hotel recommendations, just ask me during booking.

While pre-booking is not always required, a thoughtful introduction is strongly encouraged. I prioritize those whom introductions lead me to believe we’ll genuinely enjoy our time together.

Be gently reminded:

Safety, mutual respect, communication and basic understanding is a must in order to interact with me.

I will not risk my health or well-being for your pleasure, nor will I act in a way that disregards you. I actually enjoy what I do, and everyone I interact with.

Connecting with likeminded individuals (and at times, couples) whom appreciate my simplistic approach is my favorite way of relaxing. Although I could meet more people, I prefer to remain exceptionally low volume; I only see those whom I will mesh well with.

Keep in mind that our time spent together is a judgment-free moment. It's absolutely safe to share your innermost feelings with me. I'm a close listener and careful guarder of secrets by nature :) 

Or for those craving a bit of well deserved solace in a human form, we can always enjoy the serenity of our time together…fully taking in every beautiful detail of each other’s body

My philosophy is simple; I am here to serve as a source of support for you. Providing my undivided attention brings me much fulfillment. 

In my past-time I enjoy:

  • Public Outings
  • Special Events
  • Excursions & Day-Trips 
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Dinner Dates
  • BDSM
  • FemDom
  • Fantasy Dress Up
  • Fetish, Roleplay, and Kink
  • Parties, Groups, and Couples
  • + Much More! 

Selective & Exclusively Tailored GFE

My definition of GFE:  Passionate Girlfriend Role-play which blurs the boundaries of our relationship. 

No Risky Activity. No Compensation for Any Activity, Ever. 

Maintaining a natural flow throughout our time together is important to me. 


"The energy of the mind is the essence of life." - Aristotle

Guidelines and Interests:

  • Longer dates always take precedence.
  • Pre-booking is ideal, though; I often find enticement in spontaneity.
  • Extra add-ons available as to intensify our existing connection.
  • I withstand from phone use and further distractions during any session as it dilutes our connection.

Public Meeting Ideas:

  • Pool/Hot Tub Soak
  • Sauna/Spa
  • Sporting Event
  • Car Show
  • Museum Tour
  • Casino Trip
  • Movie Date
  • Ski/Snowboard Trip
  • Concert/Event
  • Art Gallery/Exhibit
  • Book Store
  • Fishing Trip
  • Mall Meet
  • Shooting Range
  • Horseback Riding
  • Gentlemen’s Club
  • Bar/Lounge Escapade 
  • Coffee/Tea Shop Date

A few of my favorite places in Denver:

  • Four Seasons
  • Elway’s
  • Relevant Galleries 
  • Denver Art Museum 
  • Botanic Gardens 
  • Guard & Grace
  • Larimer Square
  • + Lots more places outside of Denver (I’m your best bet at a complimentary tour guide in case you’re visiting) :) 

For Longer Yet Discreet Meetings: 

  • I do not take offense to secretive sessions! On the contrary, I find them to bring an extra layer of excitement. 
  • I do require 1 break each 4 hours to get some fresh air, eat, refresh myself, etc.
  • You can feel at ease that I will remain as incognito possible during my breaks. 
  • I never disclose info regarding my reason for visitation as to protect privacy.

A Few Ways I Protect Your Privacy: 

  • I will happily sign a NDA if necessary.
  • Any screening info sent is deleted with immediacy following verification. Your info is never kept on file, or viewed by any other parties other than myself.
  • Even if you do not follow through with our meeting, you can always trust that I will never share your info, publicly or privately.
  • Your identity is safe with me as I never feel the need to brag, boast, or share about my clientele.
  • Mutual discretion matters. I expect you to keep these same standards for my privacy.

Deposit Requirements:

  • A deposit ranging between 5%-50% is required for prolonged consultation, pre-booking, verification, and all travel requests.
  • Your deposit will be happily refunded if I do happen to have an emergency occur. Life may happen, but I always strive to make things right.
  • Please do not send more than the requested deposit. 
  • I prefer cash for any remainder when possible.     

Upon Arrival:

  • Please place donation in the bathroom in plain sight. Envelope Preferred.
  • Please wash hands with warm water & soap. 
  • Please refrain from using copious amounts of cologne or other body fragrances. 
  • Do not feel obligated to supply or provide anything extra. I have everything we need! (the basics)


  • Please shower throughly at your place or mine before our meeting begins. I have impeccable cleanliness, I expect the same from you. 

Investment Preference:

  • I accept Cash (my favorite), PayPal, Cash App, GooglePay, Wire Transfers (only for trusted clientele), Zelle, Western Union, Apple Pay & Crypto. 
  • I can draw up an invoice if you prefer to donate directly via debit/credit card. (Why not earn rewards, right?)
  • No need to disclose your preferred method prior to meeting. 
  • Please have one of the aforesaid donation methods ready as to not cause delay. 

Booking Inquiry Form

Please fill in my booking form below, or email me with your appointment details and screening information (ID + (optional) two provider references). Alternatively, you can send your LinkedIn instead. If you have specific privacy concerns, please inquire directly about discreet screening options. 


Discretion, privacy and safety are of utmost importance to me. This is a securely encrypted platform. Your details are deleted authentic from my system after verification. 

I look forward to meeting you!

Launch Booking Form

Wishes and Interests

“Since life is our most precious gift,
And since it is given to us to live but once, 
Let us so live that we will not regret.”
-Maya Angelou

Gifts are never required but are most certainly appreciated! If you’d like to make a last impression, here are a few of my favorite things

My absolute favorite local florists are Lucy’s Flowers and Lehrer’s. Handpicked is also a thoughtful gesture (for any aspiring gardener).  Pink is my favorite color. Or better yet, choose a color that represents your thoughts towards me!

I mostly collect nonfiction novels but enjoy a whimsical tale once in awhile. Feel free to gift me your newest recommendation or an old favorite. 

Gift Cards:

  • Neiman Marcus
  • Lululemon
  • Amex/Mastercard/Visa
  • Nordstrom
  • Delta Airlines
  • Sephora
  • Agent Provocateur (lingerie)

Non-Profits I Support (Make a Contribution for Me): 

  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • One Simple Wish
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • The Wild Animal Sanctuary
  • The ARC
  • Samaschool
  • Denver Dumb Friends League
  • Project Angel Heart

Champagne/Wine Preference:

I’m a light social drinker and vintage champagne collector. My Top 3 Favorite Bottles:

  • Dom Perignon 2003 P2
  • Dom Perignon 2002 P2
  • Dom Perignon 2008 Rosé

I have an appreciation for all wines (i.e Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, etc.) as the occasion or meal sees fits.  I’m also known to dabble in the spirits when I’m feeling a bit daring. 

Purse Brands I Wear + Love:

  • Chanel
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Goyard

Shoe Brands I Wear + Adore:

  • Hermes Mules/Sandals (EU 37.5)
  • Louboutin Heels (EU 37-38)
  • Chanel Sneakers/Sandals (EU 37) 



Looking for a companion to spice up your upcoming event? Growing tired of the dullness of a Midwest work trip? Dreaming of rocking out at a lively concert in Sin City? Missing the ever-so-exciting City that Never Sleeps? Craving some relaxation on a sandy beach near the Biscayne Bay? Or perhaps you’re a solitary soul seeking solace in the the fresh air of the Rocky Mountains...(Where better to soothe your senses, after all?) 

Regardless of the destination or duration of your stay, I always bring an unparalleled charm to any situation.  Allow me on your journey to add an element of intrigue to every adventure, no matter how mundane.  


Perhaps we can start by indulging in the local cuisine, savoring the flavors of each region. Let’s immerse ourselves in the culture, exploring the history and traditions of each place we visit. After hiking through scenic mountains, and relaxing on pristine beaches, we can dance our night away in a lively club.

With me by your side, you can rest assured that your travels will be unforgettable. I am well-traveled and knowledgeable about different cultures, making me the perfect companion for any adventure. Let's create memories that will last a lifetime and embark on a journey that will leave us both breathless!

The world is our oyster. How will we explore it?

Destination Origination:

Incall Location:
I can provide a private apartment central to downtown Denver (or a 4-5 star hotel near you if needed).

Outcall Locations:
These minimums are based upon my travel time, expenses, etc.

  • Breckenridge, Dillion, Keystone & surrounding Summit County: Inquire directly.
  • Vail, Avon, Edwards, Beaver Creek and surrounding Eagle County: Inquire directly.
  • Aspen, Snowmass, & surrounding Pitkin County: Inquire directly. 
  • Granby, Winter Park, & surrounding Grand County: Inquire directly. 
  • Telluride & surrounding San Miguel County: Inquire directly. 
  • Grand Junction & surrounding Mesa County: Inquire directly. 
  • Steamboat Springs & surrounding Routt County: Inquire directly. 
  • Crested Butte & surrounding Gunnison County: Inquire directly.
  • Boulder County: 2-3 hour or longer 
  • Estes Park, Fort Collins, Loveland, & surrounding Larimer County: Inquire directly.
  • Evergreen, Genesee, Conifer, & surrounding area: 2 hour or longer 
  • Greeley, Erie, Louisville, Lafayette & surrounding Weld County: 3 hour or longer 
  • Castle Rock, Castle Pines: 2 hour or longer
  • Georgetown & surrounding Clear Creek County: Inquire directly.
  • Idaho Springs, Central City, Blackhawk, & surrounding Gilpin County : Inquire directly.
  • Durango & surrounding La Plata county: Inquire directly. 
  • Woodland Park, Cripple Creek & surrounding Teller County: Inquire directly.
  • Colorado Springs, Monument, Fountain, & surrounding El Paso County: Inquire directly.
  • Pueblo & surrounding county: Inquire directly.
  • Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona Nevada, New Mexico: Varies. 4 hours or longer
  • West Coast, East Coast (NYC, PHL, NJ, VA, etc.), Gulf Coast (TX, FL, AL, etc.), the Great Lakes (MN, MI, IL, etc.) , & everywhere in between: Varies. 4 hours or longer
  • Virgin Islands, Alaska/Hawaii, Puerto Rico: Inquire directly. 


Inquire directly. I may offer a discount depending on how we get along + the destination route :) 

I only travel to clean, safe environments in certain neighborhoods and 4-5 star hotels. 

At times, I can make an exception to my hotel standard if there is absolutely no other option available in your area (i.e. small towns, mountain towns, farm towns, etc.) It MUST be clean, name brand, and safe, however. 

Being from a small town, I understand that luxury can be scarce at times! 

DISCLAIMER:*Any compensation is for my time solely. Physical intimacy is never offered, contracted, nor compensated for. When you agree to meet, you must agree to this.*


My calendar is not reflective of my day-to-day schedule as it can be ever-changing. Inquire directly with your preferred date of meeting. 

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