Select Grace

Guidelines & Etiquette

"The energy of the mind is the essence of life." - Aristotle

Personal Interests:

       Feel free to share any special interest once we meet. 

  • Kink
  • Fetish
  • Couples
  • Cosplay Requests
  • Roleplay
  • Parties
  • Custom Requests

Clothing Choices:

Feel free to send an outfit stipend if I do not own your preferred outfit. 

  • Outfit & shoe requests are welcomed.
  • As an avid lingerie collector, I always have a wide array of fresh lingerie options on hand. 

Public Meeting Ideas:

  • Pool/Hot Tub Soak
  • Sauna/Spa
  • Sporting Event
  • Car Show
  • Museum Tour
  • Casino Trip
  • Movie Date
  • Ski/Snowboard Trip
  • Concert/Music Festival
  • Art Gallery/Exhibit
  • Book Store
  • Fishing Trip
  • Shopping Spree
  • Horseback Riding
  • Gentlemen’s Club
  • Bar/Lounge Escapade 
  • Coffee/Tea Shop Date

Meeting Places in Denver:

  • Four Seasons
  • Elway’s
  • Relevant Galleries 
  • Denver Art Museum 
  • Botanic Gardens 
  • Guard & Grace
  • Larimer Square

For Longer Yet Discreet Meetings: 

  • I do not take offense to secretive sessions! On the contrary, I find them to bring an extra layer of excitement. I do require 1 break each 4 hours to get some fresh air, eat, refresh myself, etc.
  • You can feel at ease that I will remain as incognito possible during my breaks. I never disclose info regarding my reason for visitation as to protect privacy.

A Few Ways I Protect Your Privacy: 

  • I will happily sign a NDA if necessary.
  • Any screening info sent is deleted with immediacy following verification. Your info is never kept on file, or viewed by any other parties other than myself.
  • Even if you do not follow through with our meeting, you can always trust that I will never share your info, publicly or privately.
  • Your identity is safe with me as I never feel the need to brag, boast, or share about my clientele.
  • Mutual discretion matters. I expect you to keep these same standards for my privacy.

Deposit Requirements:

  • A deposit ranging between 5%-50% is required for pre-booking, incall, and all travel requests.
  • You will be refunded if an emergency occurs. Life may happen, but I always make things right.
  • Please do not send more than the requested deposit unless you’d like to gift me.
  • I prefer cash for any remainder when possible.     

Upon Arrival:

  • Please place contribution in the bathroom in plain sight. Use an envelope, gift bag, book or something extra special to conceal it.
  • Please wash hands with warm water & soap. 
  • Do not feel obligated to supply or provide anything extra. I have everything we need! (the basics)


  • Please shower throughly at your place or mine before our meeting begins. I have impeccable cleanliness, I expect the same from you. 

Investment Preference:

  • I accept Cash (my favorite), PayPal, Cash App, GooglePay, Wire Transfers (only for trusted clientele), Zelle, Western Union, Apple Pay & Crypto. 
  • I can draw up an invoice if you prefer to donate directly via debit/credit card. (Why not earn rewards, right?)
  • No need to disclose your preferred method prior to meeting. 
  • Please have your aforesaid method ready as to not cause delay.